Big Hunting⚔️

Join the hunts with the community!

You can hunt with the community against very special creatures during the hunting seasons to be announced. You can feed your Owloper Babies with $RPT during the hunt to make them hit harder.

They have 1 $RPT = 1 HP. You must defeat these ruthless creatures as soon as possible before their HP is full again. Every $RPT used during this fight is instantly burned and removed from circulation.

It prevents your Owloper Babies from leveling up, for the hunting season is declared above the level. By combining the power of the community, you must defeat these creatures and show the power of unity. It is impossible to fight alone!

During the hunt, you can see your status on the Leader Board. After the hunt, the best hunters are honored on the Leader Board and win surprise prizes.

It's important to act with the community as part of a community! If you stay below the last seen big hunting level, your hunt reward is reduced by 30%. When you go above the last seen level again, it will return to the old rates.

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