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Owloper Babies are good hunters as well as warriors when the subject is protecting their home. They inherit these traits from their parents. There are 5 warrior classes in total. Each Owloper Babies warrior type is inherited from Owloper at birth. What type of warrior Owloper Baby will be is determined by the 50% probability from parents

For example; With the Luzon type warrior class and the Elf type parent, there is a 50% chance that an Owloper baby will be either Luzon or Elf warrior type. Warrior Classes: Elf,Marsh,Luzon,Ural,Makira


To guard against attacks on the Owloper Nest, you must create a team. You can add as many owloper babies as you want to the defense team. You can create your team completely according to the your strategy and the Owloper Babies who attack you. Likewise, when attacking someone else's nest, you must create an Attack Team. You can attack a maximum of 3 times in 24 hours. You should do maintenance of your wings and claws after every 6 attacks. You can get information about the care of your wings and claws here ( During Attack and Defense, Attack and Defense points are calculated as follows.

The multiplier according to the superiority between classes is used to calculate the score and the value of the multiplier is 1.5

f(x)=LeveL(1+Bonus)f(x) = LeveL * (1+{Bonus})


Example; Attacker: Elf(level1.5) Ural(level) Makira(level) Defender : Marsh(level) Marsh(level) Elf(level1.5)

According to this; For the attacking team; According to the figure above, only Luzon and Makira have superiority over Elf. Since there is no Luzon or Makira on the defending side, Elf gets a 1.5 multiplier. According to the figure above, Only Elf and Luzon have superiority over Ural. Elf is on the defending side, Ural can't get a hit. According to the figure above, only Ural and Marsh have superiority over Makira. Marsh is on the defending side, Makira cannot get a multiplier. For the defending team; According to the figure above, only Elf and Ural have superiority over Marsh. Since Ural is on the defending side, Marsh's cannot get multipliers. According to the figure above, only Makira and Luzon have superiority over Elf. No Makira or Luzon on the defending side, Elf not getting a 1.5 multiplier The side with the highest score wins. If the attacker wins, Attacker gains 15% $ OWL from the hunt reward that the defender has not yet claimed as loot. The attacking side will be charged a loot tax of 10% of the loot they have won. If the defender has no unclaimed hunt rewards, an Owloper Baby will be randomly leveled down. Attack can be done on slots with any Owloper Baby level 5 above.

How to Attack?

In order to attack, you must write the wallet address of the nest you will attack. We find blockchain literacy valuable and important. For this reason, we leave it to you in Season-1 to find the wallet addresses you will attack via

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