OwlRider 🏍️

New generation babies!

Owl Rider is new generation of babies for Owloper world! Our Incubator made it!

Finally we can breed another NFT collection with Owloper NFT's and get a new type of baby!

How to Get OwlRider?

All you need is having 1 Owloper and 1 BabyRider minimum. After you got Owloper and BabyRider you can breed them in BabyRider Incubator.

With some amount of $OWL(225/1125/2025) you will be able to breed them. If breeding is a success then you will get OwlRider Egg

Breeding Rights

No need to worry about your Owlopers breeding rights. They will stay exactly the same. After the Update, you will be able to see 3 extra breeding rights for Owl Riders. These 3 extra breeding rights can not be used for Owloper Babies. Those ones are only for Owl Riders

Hunting with OwlRider

After we have the 1000th OwlRider in Owloper World, Special hunting will be enabled for OwlRiders.

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