$OWL is the governance token of the Owloper project.

The easiest way to earn $OWL is to own an Owloper NFT. Owloper NFT holders are rewarded with $OWL daily. $OWL token will launch 72 hours after reveal.

The other and most lucrative way is to go on hunting adventures in Owloper Baby's Owloper Game. Hunt in Owloper Game Earn $OWL stake your earned $OWL Earn $RPT and feed your Owloper Babies with the $RPTs you earn to turn them into good hunters and earn more $OWL. With this very simple mechanic, you will be able to win while having fun with gamified DeFi mechanisms instead of boring and risky DeFi processes.


  • Hard Cap

  • Pre Sale

  • Daily Starting Cap 6110,5 $OWL ( Per Owloper NFT 2,75 $OWL)

  • Airdrop 100.000 $OWL

  • Initial Liquidity: 500,000 $OWL

  • Team and Development: 100,000 $OWL (2 Year Locked)

  • For community members who contributed intellectually to the project in the Community Development and Alpha role: 100,000 $OWL

  • 10% mint revenues are reserved for AVAX-$OWL liquidity pool and will be generated on TraderJoe after reaching 60% mint target

  • Up to the 100% mint target, half of the revenue from secondary sales (royalty fee) will be added to the liquidity pool.

Emission Schedule

On the 117th day, the emission will remain constant. In the emission calculation, a projection was created by assuming that all players achieved the maximum hunting rewards by fulfilling all the tasks.The actual will be less than this and this projection will not be exceeded, including in airdrop-like events.

Burn Mechanics

Owloper NFTs have daily rewards and Owloper Babies have a never ending mechanism for hunting rewards. Therefore, the supply of $OWL is unlimited. This brings with it a serious struggle with inflation. We are very aware of this and therefore we reduce the amount of $OWL in circulation by burning with our planned burning mechanics in order to fight inflation. Some of these are as follows.

  • Payments for Owloper Baby breeding

  • Unstake cuts (%10 cut from OWL unstake)

  • $RPT-swap (When swapping $OWL for $RPT, all $OWL is burned)

  • Naming Owloper NFTs and Owloper Babies

  • Nest upgrade fees

  • While minting the NFTs that came out with Owloper Launchpad

  • Payments for mating NFTs of 3rd party NFT collections involved

  • For feeding Baby NFTs derived from NFTs of collaboratively included 3rd party NFT collections

  • In-Owloper Game asset (item) sales

  • Owloper Baby wing and claw maintenance expenses

  • Level deceleration tax (Behind Big hunting level)

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