Owloper Baby NFTs🐥

Owloper Baby NFTs are the upgradeable NFTs you need for hunting missions in Owloper Game. Owloper Babies consist of drawings and genes customized for the Owloper Game, and Owloper Babies are born with the breeding of Owlopers from the Owloper NFT collection and are fed the $RPT token.

There are two ways to own an Owloper Baby NFT. You can obtain it by breeding by using your own Owloper NFTs or by renting Owloper NFTs from the Incubator section, or you can get them from NFT Markets. You can get more detailed information about breeding in the Breed section.

It is an innovative game where other NFT collections contracted on Owloper Game can return avatars to Owloper Baby and include them in the game. Existing drawings of the contracted NFT collections will be adapted to the Owloper Baby concept and included as upgradeable Baby NFTs. $RPT will be used to feed the Owloper Babies, while $OWL will be used to feed these Baby NFTs.

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