Road Map

100%Sold Out

2222 Owloper NFTs spawn on the Avalanche network.

Token Launch Daily Distributions to Holders

Owloper NFT holders start receiving daily $OWL rewards. NFT holders who have not sold or who listed their NFT 10 AVAX and above on the markets until then benefit from surprise $OWL airdrops.

Openin Council

The Owloper DAO chapter opens and the council election process begins. The council will consist of 12 people to be determined by the community and will primarily evaluate the ideas gathered from the community regarding the progress of the project. If deemed appropriate, it will be submitted to a vote. In this way, the community will be involved in the decision-making process and the decisions taken by voting will come into effect.

Community Special Edition

A special drawing from the designer for 20 randomly selected lucky people who have never sold their Owloper NFT or have listed 10 AVAX and above in the market.

Owloper Baby Incubator

By opening the Incubator section, Owloper NFT owners can obtain Owloper Baby NFTs using the breeding feature. For more detailed information, see the following sections:

Owloper Baby NFTs Breed

Market Place for Owloper Babies

Opening of the Marketplace and the start of sales of owloper baby eggs or hatched Owloper Baby here.

Opening $OWL Staking&Farming

You will be able to stake $OWL and earn $RPT rewards. You will use the $RPT you earn for Owloper baby improvement and you will be able to make Owloper Babies ready before the game starts.

Owloper Nest

Owloper Nest unlocks, allowing Owlopers to find their home (more available in Utilities section)

Owloper Game

Let the hunt begin!

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