Owloper Baby hunts for gain $OWL. There are 5 sections that can be hunted and 5 separate prey in the sections. The reward amount for each hunt is different. Once an Owloper Baby is sent to hunt, it will hunt continuously until you can trade or sell them and get a $OWL reward.

Each section to be hunted needs a different minimum level and minimum number of Owloper Baby and is shown in the table below.

It is possible to send Owloper Babies to each section for hunting, which is above the minimum number of Owloper Babies, as much as desired.

The Owloper Baby hunting reward formula per level is as follows. And these prizes are obtained by multiplying the Prize Multiplier given in the table above.

Hunting is sometimes dangerous and tiring. You need to take care of your wings and claws. The maintenance requirement is calculated based on the $OWL you earn while hunting. When your total $OWL earnings reach this level, you should take care of your wings and claws.

During maintenance, your hunting rewards are temporarily frozen. The maintenance fee is paid in $OWL and is calculated as follows

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