Get $RPT⚪

You learned that you can get $OWL rewards by hunting. There are 2 ways to earn the $RPT you need to feed your Owloper Babies to make them better hunters, depending on your strategy.


You can stake $OWL to start earning $RPT. Farming reward is set to 2x. So, you win 2x the amount of $OWL you staked. You can claim the $RPTs you have earned at any time and withdraw them to your wallet.

The most efficient way for long-term strategies; Stake more $OWL, earn more $RPT!

10% of the unstaked amount of $OWL is burned as part of the fight against inflation.


You can trade your $OWL for $RPT at any time. 1:18 is used as the swap ratio. This option is suitable for those who want to level up their Owloper Baby faster and earn more. The $OWLs used in the swap are immediately burned during the transaction and removed from circulation.

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