Owloper NFTs consist of 2222 unique owls that are algorithmically generated using 127 hand-drawn parts.

None of them are common owls. It has 7 types of characters, some confused, some sleepy, some angry and cute looking.

It consists of owls living in the beautiful Avalanche C-Chain network, each with the ability to spawn, bringing daily OWL Token ($OWL) rewards.

60 pieces of the collection were created as completely special drawings for the Owlopers who believed and supported the project

Mint Date: 01.07.2022!

Mint Price: 2 AVAX

🔺 Owloper NFTs contract is: TBA

Sneak Peek

Rarity and Traits

There is no need to say much about this. Because all Owlopers are rare, they have the same amount of daily $OWL rewards and the same percentage of spawn ability and number.

This rarity of Owlopers makes them unique and makes you proud to use as a profile photo.

As in every NFT collection, the accessories and drawings used will be in certain percentages and in certain proportions. You can see these percentages and rankings at https://www.avaxrarity.com after mint and reveal.

By applying reveal during the mint period, we will experience the excitement of revealing unique Owlopers from the default skin that appears during the mint after this time.

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