Train better hunters!

You can feed your cute Owloper Babies with $RPT to increase their level and turn them into better hunters, earning more $OWL rewards while hunting.

You can feed your Owloper Babies up to a maximum level of 75.

The amount of $RPT you will use during feeding increases for each level up and is shown by the formula below.

The cost to move to the next level is the level squared times 23 $RPT.

f(cost)=23Level2f(cost) = 23 * Level ^2

Rest a Little

After a good feeding your Owloper Baby needs some rest to feed again and level up. But don't worry, your Owloper Babies will continue to hunt while resting, earning $OWL rewards. The time required for rest is calculated in hours and is very simple.

f(cost)=Levelf(cost) = Level

Speed up digestion!

By using the Boost feature, you can speed up digestion and avoid waiting time. Digestion is accelerated by $OWL and is calculated as follows.

f(x)=(level1.25+2.75)2f(x) = (level*1.25+2.75)*2

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