Deflationary! The supply of $RPT is limited.
$RPT is the only way to feed your Owloper Babies, and there aren't enough $RPTs to keep all Owloper Babies maxed out. That's why you should act fast and feed your Owloper Babies with $RPT as fast as possible to make them the best hunters before the $RPTs run out.
$RPTs are not sold on exchanges, the only way to get them is through in-game mechanisms and are described here.


  • Hard cap: $RPT
  • Pre Sale:
  • Airdrop: 500.000.000 $RPT

Deflationary Mechanisms

The $RPT supply is limited and burns as it is used. Therefore, its supply will one day run out completely. Owloper Game has features to encourage using generated $RPTs and Hunting Seasons that need more $RPTs.
Last modified 1yr ago