Utilities 💎

1️⃣Owloper Token ($OWL)🟡

Owloper holders are rewarded with $OWL daily with the Owloper Token ($OWL), the common token of Owloper and other future NFT collectibles and projects.Owloper owners not listed for sale on NFT Markets have the chance to take advantage of surprise airdrops.

2️⃣Owloper Nest 🌳

Every Owloper owner initially has a level one upgradable slot and can upgrade it up to level five. Owning an upgraded slot gives you some perks and more chances of winning in the Owloper Game. In your Owloper slot, you can transfer or stake your daily $OWL rewards to your wallet and also proudly display your Owlopers with the link created just for you.

3️⃣Owloper Baby 🐣

Owloper Baby is a new generation socializing and entertainment tool.

Whether you use your own Owlopers, your friends' Owlopers, or you can hire Owlopers left to be bred from the Owloper Incubator section, you can have Owloper Babies made up of the common DNA of different parents. Of course, you will need to use some $OWL for this. You must have at least two Owlopers to create an Owloper Baby.

If you don't have more than one Owloper, you can hire an Owloper from the Incubator section or breed it with your friend's Owloper. Owloper Eggs obtained after mating will remain as eggs for 1 to 9 days depending on the birth of your Owloper, at the end of this period they will automatically turn into Owloper Baby. Owloper Baby Eggs are also NFTs that can be listed while they are eggs in the marketplace. You can either keep it for yourself or list it in the market.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence working in the background of Owloper, surprise new GENs are created, allowing the creation of unique Owloper Babies.Thus, users with valuable Owlopers can have a very new and unique Owloper Baby and enlarge the Owloper Family by agreeing or renting among themselves.

4️⃣Owloper DAO 🏛

Owloper owners will vote primarily to form a council to make decisions on the Owloper project. Afterwards, decisions will be taken together with the community by voting on this voting system (Proposal). The game effect used is directly proportional to the amount of $OWL staked.

We aim for the Owloper DAO to be fully operational and largely autonomous by 2023.

5️⃣Owloper Launchpad & Investment 🚀

After the Owloper mint stage, a portion of the income and half of each royalties income will be transferred to the Owloper treasury wallet to support NFT projects to be determined by the Owloper DAO council or selected from the applications. Funds from this treasury will support these selected projects to successfully complete the sale. NFT Projects that will be released on Owloper Launchpad can be minted with $OWL.

6️⃣Owloper Academy 🎓

With Owloper academy, we will organize workshops with experienced mentors on smart contract programming, economic literacy and technical-fundamentals analysis, nft, decentralized organizations in the classes we will organize for you to be a part of this change and become an Owloper. We will learn together and win together.

Did we mention that Owloper NFTs are more than just sweet and cute pictures? Get ready for real WAGMI. Owlopers are not just a JPEG!

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